Yoga is a multi-step process that raises awareness in all areas of human nature. Yoga is an ancient practice that leads to integrity. It increases awareness through physical and spiritual techniques.

Yoga holiday in the Hotel Xanthos Patara, with lots of beach, dunes, mountains and .. countless other possibilities.

6 days in a double room
6 days with single occupancy

without flight (Dalaman airport with Swiss Friday or Bodrum with Swiss Saturday)

90 minutes of Yoga Vinyasa Flow before breakfast and a vegetarian buffet in the evening.

Start with yoga in the morning. Then do your own individual day planning. We will all see each other again at dinner together, or meet on the beach or by the pool or in the village, or give each other the handle of the masseur. You are free for anything, but you never feel left alone.

You can contact us to get information about yoga events and/or booking.